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ASTD Leadership Handbook Whitepapers


The ASTD Leadership Handbook

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Selected Chapters from The ASTD Leadership Handbook - Edited by Elaine Biech - Co-Published by ASTD and Berrett-Koehler Publishers

The Fast Fundamentals Leadership Whitepapers, based on chapters from The ASTD Leadership Handbook, are an exciting compilation of insights, ideas, and tools that will enable individuals, teams, and organizations to fully develop their leadership capabilities. They provides an overview of leadership and covers a full range of topics, including competencies, development, attributes, and current challenges, taking a broad view of what leadership means. Editor Elaine Biech and her team worked to carefully match up topics with the leading authorities.

The ASTD Leadership Handbook's five sections -- Leadership Competencies, Leadership Development, Attributes of Successful Leaders, Contemporary Leadership Challenges, and Broadening the Leadership Discussion -- cover all the major leadership areas. Chapters are written from a practical perspective, enabling readers to immediately put the wisdom and experience of the authors to use in their own lives and organizations.


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