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Staff Blogs



A major theme of Berrett-Koehler's boks is "Opening Up New Space." While this often means that our books challenge conventional thinking and introduce new ideas to foster positive change, we also like to apply this concept to the way we do business and communicate with those around us. As part of this approach, a number of our staff members and past and present interns keep blogs, so that they can share their inside insights and experience with the larger BK community.



Bonnie Blogs - Digital Community Builder & Editorial Associate Bonnie Kaufman shares her thoughts on all things editorial, digital, and publishing-related.


Berrett-Koehler Internship - Digital Community Building Intern Michelle Evans reports from the field.

Life of an Intern - Editorial Intern Holly Jarrald documents her days at the Editorial desk.

EditEd - Editorial Intern Sam Calios shared her experiences while at BK.

Pondering at the BK Office - The thoughts of Editorial Intern Chloe Park.

BK Intern - Editorial Intern Nicole Richards.


Manuscripts & Red Marks - The adventures of Editorial Intern Ashley Redfield.


Manuscripts on Montgomery - The musings of Editorial Intern Jessica Osorio.



And of course, you can find many blog posts from various community members on our social networking site, BK Community!