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Berrett-Koehler Publishers Staff and Board of Directors


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Maria Jesus Aguilo, Director of Subsidiary Rights


Charlotte Ashlock, Digital Producer & Editor


Marina Cook, Senior Sales Manager


Michael Crowley, Associate Director of Sales


Kat Engh, Social Media Strategist


Matt Fagaly, Communications Assistant


Kristen Frantz, Vice President of Marketing


Kylah Frazier, Sales and Marketing Associate


Arielle Kesweder, Operations Manager


Diane Blattner Kresal, Associate Director of Operations


Anna Leinberger, Editorial


Catherine Lengronne, Senior Subsidary Rights Manager


Bob Liss, Vice President, Operations and Administration


Zoe Mackey, Online Marketing and International Sales Manager


Neal Maillet, Editorial Director


David Marshall, Vice President, Editorial and Digital


Grace Miller, Sales & Marketing Assisstant


Josh Millican, Chief of First Impressions


Kate Piersanti, Copyright Editor


Steve Piersanti, President and Publisher


Dianne Platner, Head of Creative Services


Courtney Schonfeld, Design and Production Associate


Katie Sheehan, Senior Communications Manager


Jeevan Sivasubramaniam, Managing Director, Editorial


Kathy Slater, Executive Accounting Manager


Johanna Vondeling, Vice President of Sales & Business


Rick Wilson, Vice President of Production and Design


Ginger Winters, Associate Director of Human Resources and Facilities



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BK Staff


Bottom row (L to R): Marina Cook, Zoe Mackey, Kylah Frazier

Middle row (L to R): Charlotte Ashlock, Diane Blattner Kresal, Katie Sheehan, Kristen Frantz

Back row (L to R): Arielle Kesweder, Johanna Vondeling, Neal Maillet, Jeevan Sivasubramaniam, Dianne Platner, Kathy Slater, Cynthia Shannon, Bob Liss, Steve Piersanti, Maria Jesus-Aguilo, Mike Crowley, David Marshall, Courtney Schonfeld, Rick Wison, and Catherine Lengronne.  

(not pictured: Ginger Winters



Please visit our Berrett-Koehler Board of Directors page.