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Why Start a Reading Group
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In today's turbulent and rapidly changing work world, we are confronted with a constant blur of new information and new ideas. Surviving in this competitive world means keeping up with new ideas about the organizations in which we work and about the way work gets done.

Do ever you wish there was a forum in your organization for discussing the newest trends and ideas in the business world? Do you wish you could explore the leading-edge business practices you read about with others in your company? Do you wish you could set aside a few hours every month to connect with like-minded coworkers or to get to know others in your business community?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then the answer is simple: Start a business book reading group in your organization or business community. Joining with others in a reading group not only provides impetus for keeping up with the latest business books, but even more important, being part of a reading group can stimulate your own thinking, providing the opportunity for greater insight on how new ideas or theories might be put to practical use in your own work and in your organization.

For step-by-step advice on how to start your own reading group, check out our Guide to Starting a Reading Group. There you'll find specific guidelines to help in all aspects of creating a successful reading group-from locating interested participants to selecting books, and facilitating discussions. Tips for Success offers advice you'll find most helpful in planning and running your group.

With the help of our authors, we have created study guides for many of our books that will help spark lively reading group discussions.