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  • New thinking from the bestselling author of Images of Organization (over 250,000 copies sold)
  • A practical guide that shows how to put "out of the box" thinking into practice
  • Teaches managers to unleash the creative abilities of employees, develop new ways of organizing, and remain open, energized, and empowered in the face of constant change
  • Copublished with Sage Publications

There is no time more confusing than when we are in the midst of a world waiting to be born. Gareth Morgan's landmark book makes the case that there is some profound and productive business sense in the current chaos and shows how ideas about management, roles, responsibilities, and work itself need to change in many different ways if we are to take full advantage of the unique opportunities that evolving markets and organizations present.

Imaginization details the process of "imaginization" (imagination + organization)-a new core competence that's essential for leading and managing in a world characterized by flux and change. This process answers the call for more open, flexible, creative forms of organization and management to meet the challenges of a networked, electronic age.

Dozens of books call for new management practice, often selling just one or two pet theories or ideas. This is the first book to show how to develop the multiplicity of ideas that are going to be needed. The critical difference in Gareth Morgan's work is that it focuses on the 'how-to's:

o How to create new, more flexible forms of organization
o How managers can develop new understandings of their roles and their problems and learn to see situations in different ways
o How they can develop more flexible approaches to strategy and piece together their own creative toolbox
o How organizations can be centralized and decentralized at the same time

Using simple yet powerful graphics to illustrate and communicate his message, Morgan builds on the insights of his classic Images of Organization which pioneered the idea of using metaphor to create new insights in organization and management.

Imaginization teaches by example. Each chapter focuses on how the approach can be put into practice, providing dozens of concrete illustrations and case studies drawn from real-world organizational change projects and management development programs.

From page one, Morgan draws a complex, but coherent methodology for achieving success in today's organizations. Few management books address the range of issues raised here--creativity, strategy, empowerment, new structures, and many more. Imaginization brings them all together, demonstrating how all of these issues can be approached through the same creative process.