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  • Emphasizes four central principles of "on-the-level" communication: directness, respect, shared responsibility, and purpose
  • A handbook that can be kept on your desk and consulted as day-to-day performance issues arise

Effective performance communication is critical to business success. It supports customer relations, quick response, and productive work. It leads to faster management of change and the creation of a work climate that can support performance. It also links individuals to business goals and each other. On-the-Level spells out proven methods for success which are based on the authors' 45 years of work and management consulting in organizations around the world. This best-selling book has been thouroughly revised and updated, incorporating the newest developments in the field of performance appraisal.

The term "on-the-level communication" refers to direct, shared responsibility, output-focused communication in the workplace. It is communication that is open, above board, honest, respectful, and deliberate. On-the-Level focuses on planned discussions between employees and managers, team members, and suppliers and customers. It provides guidelines, ideas, and examples to help readers improve the quality, skill, and honesty of their communication when discussing goals, feedback, tough issues, and development on the job. The authors stress four central principles of on-the-level communication:
o Directness,
o Respect,
o Shared Responsibility, and
o Purpose.

On-the-Level is designed to help everyone in and around the workplace to plan and execute more effective and less fearful face-to-face communication. It shows how and why face-to-face, spontaneous discussions are key to continuous improvement and business success. The approach described in the book is effective in goal-setting, feedback and performance review, and development planning situations.

This book is for anyone who needs to communicate about performance issues. It provides tips and action steps for people who have difficulty talking about issues. Those who are already skilled and confident will gain new insight and practical tools.