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Daring to Do Our Best Work Together

Too many people have decided that the safest way to get through life is to be small. But organizations need people to step up and be big. People have to bring more of themselves to the workplace, to contribute more and have a bigger impact.

Be BIG challenges each of us to show up more fully as individuals and in our interactions with others and to find ways to be big together.

“There exist hundreds of books that aim to coach the individual (me) in the workplace: even more are written to help managers and leaders bring the best out in their employees (you). And a few books touch on the subject of the we of a company, organization, or group. The gem you are holding brings me, you, and we together into one small miracle of a book that has BIG implications for you, your job, and your workplace. I recommend Be BIG to anyone ready to step into a livelier, more fulfilling, and more generous way of being.”

—Elizabeth Lesser, cofounder, Omega Institute, and author of Broken Open: How Difficult Times Can Help Us Grow and The Seeker’s Guide