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•  By the author of the bestsellers Leadership and the New Science (over 300,000 copies sold) and Turning to One Another, and the coauthor of A Simpler Way

• Wheatley is one of the most innovative and influential organizational thinkers of our time, and this is the first collection of her articles and essays--completely revised and rewritten for this volume

• Covers a wide and diverse scope of topics--leadership, management, education, parenting, social commentary, creativity, spirituality, and more

For years, Margaret Wheatley has written eloquently about humanizing our organizations and helping people to work together more effectively and compassionately. She has shown how organizations can function more like responsive, self-organizing living systems, rather than cold mechanisms of control. And she has gradually expanded her ideas into the wider arena of human society.

Finding Our Way brings together Margaret Wheatley's shorter writings for the first time. But it is more simply a compendium of previously published material. "The pieces presented here", Dr. Wheatley writes, "represent ten years of work, of how I took the ideas in my books and applied them in practice in many different situations. However, this is not a collection of articles. I updated, revised, or substantially added to the original content of each one. In this way, everything written here represents my current views on the subjects I write about."

Provocative, challenging, at times poetic, often deeply moving, Finding Our Way is a comprehensive summing up of the thought of one of our most original and creative organizational thinkers of our time.