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  • New edition of a book that has sold over 250,000 copies and been translated into twenty-one languages.

  • Cowritten by legendary business author Ken Blanchard

  • Shows how to create an enduring vision for a successful and fulfilling business and personal life


Vision is the vital extra ingredient for truly satisfying, long-term success. Without a vision, you'll end up reacting rather than acting, and sooner or later you'll get lost. But if you have a compelling vision, you'll be so clear about your purpose, so committed to it, and so sure about your ability to accomplish it that you'll be able to recognize obstacles, taken them into account, and press on.

Ken Blanchard and Jesse Stoner show how to create a vision for your organization, your team, and your own life that will unleash your power and potential and allow you to go full steam ahead! The lessons of this book are revealed through the inspirational story of two people who discover the three elements of a compelling vision: significant purpose, clear values, and a picture of the future. Along the way, Blanchard and Stoner offer numerous examples of effective visions and show exactly how to create an enduring vision vision that will guide you on a daily basis.

This new edition is thoroughly revised, with a new chapter on sustaining your vision, updated examples, more information on creating vision for teams, and a new section that includes a vision assessment and action resources.