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  • New model: This book describes a powerful counterintuitive way to do business that offers huge growth opportunities.
  • Real-world examples: Johansen and Ronn use TEDx, IBM Smarter Planet, Microsoft Kinect, Google Fiber, TechShop, Apple App Store, and many more to demonstrate how reciprocity advantage works.

Reciprocity is now possible—for the first time—on a massive scale. In this prescient book, Bob Johansen and Karl Ronn explain how to create what they call a reciprocity advantage. By sharing your assets intelligently with carefully chosen partners, you can learn how to make money in new ways and have a broader social impact. It’s a powerful source of disruptive business innovation.

Johansen and Ronn show you how to create your own reciprocity advantage by (1) uncovering your right-of-way, the underutilized resources you already own that you can share with others; (2) finding partners who can help you do what you cannot do alone; (3) experimenting to learn through the cloud; and (4) scaling, but only when your reciprocity advantage is desirable, viable, and ownable. If it’s not scalable, it’s not worth doing—and the authors describe technologies that make scaling up faster than ever. Reciprocity advantage will be the new competitive advantage. Think “give to grow.”