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Fran Korten at Zuccotti Park in New York City with This Changes Everything

Fran Korten in front of Zuccotti Park in New York City with This Changes Everything

  • The first book on the movement that has changed the political landscape
  • Features contributions from veteran progressive observers and Occupy activists
  • Goes beyond describing events to explore the larger meaning of the movement

The Occupy Wall Street movement named the core issue of our time: the overwhelming power of Wall Street and large corporations--something the political establishment and most media have long ignored. But the movement goes far beyond this critique; it is changing everything--the way people view themselves and the world, the kind of society they believe is possible, and their own involvement in creating a society that works for the 99% rather than just the 1%.

Attempts to pigeonhole this decentralized, fast-evolving movement have led to confusion and misperception. In this volume, the editors of YES! Magazine bring together voices from inside and outside the protests to convey the issues, possibilities, and personalities associated with the Occupy Wall Street movement.

There are chapters by Naomi Klein(a speech she gave at Occupy Wall Street), Ralph Nader, David Korten, and Rebecca Solnit, among others. Occupy organizer David Graeber explains the principles behind the now-famed general assembiles; Occupy activist Marina Sitrin describes her experiences during the first month of the occupation; and Hena Ashraf, another Occupy activist, talks about the movement's efforts to address issues of race--a chapter that also shows the general assembly decision-making processes in action. And there's much more.

This Changes Everything offers insights for the many already involved--actively protesting or expressing support in other ways--and for the millions more who sympathize with the goal of a more equitable and democratic future.

YES! Magazine is donating royalties from this book to support the Occupy Wall Street/99% movement.