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BK Partners - Acknowledgements


The back inside cover of each seasonal catalog is reserved for acknowledgements.  Operating a publishing business involves many more peoples than are formally on the staff.  We would like to acknowledge the many people who are contributing time, talent, and creativity to out publishing efforts this year.  We are grateful for their crucial role in our success.  This one-page PDF lists individual people and organizations, and the links below lead to the organizations.


People and Organizations (click to download)


BK Partners


Links to Partner Organizations

Marketing and sales services

Alexander's Printers

Ameican Society for Training and Development (ASTD)


Barbara Chan Consulting

The Booksmith

Booth Media Group


Breakpoint Books & More

Busboys and Poets

Center for Spirituality and Healing

The Commonwealth Club

Constant Contact

Contex Optional


Patti Danos, Publcisit

DeHart & Company


Drum Major Institute

D-Rev: Design for the Other 90%

April Eberhardt, Literary Agent

ELISE Communications

Fern Berman Communications

Global Business Network

Jen Gould PR

Grassroots Leadership

Great Turning Initiative

Green America

HarperCollions Publishers, India

Hartsock Agency

Heartland, Inc.

Hooks Book Events

Infocore, Inc.

Kohnstamm Communications, Inc.

Tom Martin, Publicist


Ingram Publisher Services

Gail Leondar-Wright, Publicist

McGraw-Hill Professional, Asia

McGraw-Hill Professional,Europe

Modern Postcard

Net Impact

Ode Magazine

Pegassus Commnications


Praxis Peace Institute


Publishers Weekly

Quiet Lighting Reading Series

Raincoast Books, Canada

Real Books Distributors

Social Venture Network

The Society for Human Resource Management

TEAM Approach

Tattered Cover Books

The Tides Foundation

Tremendous Life Books

UUA Bookstore

WoodsLane Pty, Ltd.

Yes! Magazine


Printing, warehousing, and shipping services

Action Printing

Data Reproductions

Edwards Brothers Malloy, Inc.

Friesens Corp.

Hamilton Printing Company

John P. Pow Co.

Lightning Source

Odyssey Press

Versa Press

Webcom, Ltd.

Yurchak Printing


Production, editorial, design, and electronic publishing services

Richard Adelson Design

Adept Content Solutions

Argus LLC

Nancy Austin

Michael Bass and Assocatiates

Henrietta Bensussen

The Book Designers



Adriane Bosworth

Patricia Brewer

Cassandra Chu

Crowfoot Design

Design Leaf

Dogeared Design

Dovetail Publishing Services


Phyllis Elving

Julie Gallagher

Girl of the West Productions

Gopa&TEd2 Design

Greenleaf Publishing

Tanya Grove

Barbara Haines

Tom Hassett

Nicole Hayward

Hiatt and Dragon

Ideas to Images

Clive Jacobson

Linda Jupiter Productions

Kirsten Kite

Charles Kreloff

Laura Larson

Katherine Lee

Laura Lind Design

LMR Designs

Janet Majure

Manza Editorial Services

Karen Marquardt

Leigh Mclellan

Joy Matkowski

Leigh McLellan

Medea Minnich





Production, editorial, design, and electronic publishing services (continued)

Mike Mollet

Irene Morris

MvB Design


Detta Penna Design


Canace Pulfer

Elessa Rabellino

Carol Rize

Rachel Rice

Leonard Rosenbaum

Scribe Typography

 Seventeenth Street Studios

Pete Shanks

Pam suwinsky

Richard A. Swanson and Barbara L. Swanson, Consulting editors

The Visual Group

Elizabeth von Radics

Westchester Book Group

Wisted & Taylor Publishing Services

E-Book retailers and services providers








Books 24x7




Element K




Ingram Content Group

Innodata Isogen



Library Ideas



Read How You Want

Royalty Share

Safari Online


Small Demons

Sony University Readers




Digital community building

Matt Drake, AIDC

Scott Simpson, Kirsti Gillis, and Megan Noyes, Apple iBookstore

Eraj Siddiqui, Attributor

Steve Bennett, AuthorBytes

David Cole, Bay Tree Publishing

Amy Lenzo, Beauty Dialogues

Dudi Einy and Robyn Ward, DocStoc

Louis Fox, Erica Priggen and Jonah Sachs, Free Range Studios

Michael Yaremchuk, Flatland Productions

Marco Marinucci, Yoko Okano, Google Books

Pascal Kaplan, Patricia O' Leary, iCohere

Wayne Marshall, Kaizen Internet Marketing

David Witt, The Ken Blanchard Companies

Greg Stiever, On Impact Productions

Carmen Osterlye, Videographer

Sharon Goldinger, PeopleSpeak

Joshua Piersanti, Piersanti Designs

Kathleen Fitzgerald, Scribd

Jeremy Sullivan, musician

Bekki Freeman, Heath Schubert, Tiny Mission Productions



Manscript reviewers

Valerie Andrews

Katherine Armstrong

Jane Casperson

Sandy Chase

Jeffrey Cufaude

Charlie Dorris

Chuck Ehrlich

Rob Ellman

Ken Fracaro

Sara Jane Hope

Ted Kinni

Jeff Kulick

Chris Lee

Ann Matranga

Andrea Markowitz

Carol Metzker

Tai Moses

Julie Pinkerton

John Renesch

John Romano

Onnesha Roychoudhuri

Danielle Scott

Shauna Shames

Frappa Stout

Jill Swensen

Rebecca Williamson

Jim Wylde


Translation rights agents

Sue Yang and the staff of Eric Yang Agency: Korea

Manami Tamaoki and the staff of Tuttle-Mori Agency: Japan

Jackie Huang and Whitney Hsu and the staff of Andrew Nurnberg and Associates: China and Taiwan

Laura Riff, Joao Paulo Riff and the staff of The RIFF Agency: Brazil

Gabi Hertzmann Pkarski and the staff of I. Pikarski Ltd. Literary Agency: Israel

Nelly and John Moukakos and the staff of JLM Literary Agency: Greece

Livia Stoai and the staff of Sun Literary Agency: Romania

Akcali Copyriight Agency: Turkey

Zbig Kanski and the staff of Graal Agency: Poland

Big Apple Tuttle Mori: Thailand

Bridge Communucations: Thailand

Business and administrative services

Mike Pelland, Matt Drake and the staff of AIDC

Mike Mansel, Argo Insurance

Nyrenne Aviles and Jim Weber of Comerica Bank

Greg Beattie

Cyberwolf, Inc.

Give Something Back

Robin Brown, Shawn Evans and the IPS Publishers Care team

James Ullakko, Chris Millias, Scot Miller, and Dan Sillin of Odenberg, Ullako , Muranishi & Co., Accontancy Corporation

Pension Dynamics

Rocket Science Consulting

Jordan Shields and the staff of Shields Insurance Agency