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In June of 2009, the BK Author Cooperative sponsored a Marketing Workshop in Washington D.C. in association with Berrett-Koehler Publishers and the American Society for Training & Development (ASTD), which featured video- and audio-taped presentations from a host of book publishing experts.  These videos are now available for sale and download through the Berrett-Koehler and ASTD websites.


Speaker Dawn Baron at BK Author Marketing Workshop          Speaker Steve Piersanti at BK Author Marketing Workshop


Session Title, Speaker, Description

You Have A Vision: Creating a World Where Everyone Is Reading Your Book - Video
Mark Bloomfield, former Associate Publisher of Harvard Business School Press,
We will explore the reality of the publishing landscape today and propose how you might begin to take charge of the relationship with your readers.

A Good Cheesecake Doesn't Make A Successful Bakery - Video
Todd Sattersten - President of 800-CEO-READ,
Authors are entrepreneurs and with that comes all the risks and rewards of a start-up. Authors make the mistake of thinking they are being hired by the publisher to write a book.  Venture capital is a better metaphor with the advance serving as seed capital. In this workshop, we'll talk about all the skills and tactics that author-prenuers need to make their "products" successful.

The New Realities of Book Publishing Today - Video
Steve Piersanti -– President of Berrett-Koehler Publishers,
BK President Steve Piersanti will update his famous “10 Awful Truths about Book Publishing” to reveal how the book publishing market has changed in recent years and what it takes today for a book to succeed.  He will then detail the marketing strategies that are most effective in today’s marketplace, including the best approaches to publicity, speaking, promotion, branding, and sales.  And he will describe today’s formula for writing books that sell.

Selling is Serving - Audio
Rebel Holiday - CEO of Life Design Enterprises,
“Selling Is Serving” presents a powerful context for getting your message out into the world. It’s normal to have hopes, dreams, anxieties, and fears around selling your new book. These can be shifted into a new mindset of curiosity, generosity, clarity, focus, and service. These perspectives can support you in getting past any barriers to start making your sales plan.

How to Get Media Coverage for You and Your Book - Audio
Krista Bard - business consultant and author,
Discover how to translate your message into a language that journalists can hear; how to identify the media that reaches your book's target markets; the best way to get a response to a pitch; how bestselling authors negotiate speaking engagements to sell books and get media coverage; how to find and work with a publicist, manage expectations, and choose priorities, or, how to do it all yourself!

How to Speak Your Message So People Will WANT to Listen to It - Audio
Joanie Geller -Communications Consultant and Professor at Johnson & Wales
This fun and lively one hour session will catapult your present level of comfort and ability to what is next.  Strategies to continue progressing and individual concerns will be addressed.  This session is for those who are less than comfortable presenting themselves and their message, as well as those who would like some additional "polish."

Communication 2.0 World: Essentials for Working Effectively in the Virtual World - Audio
Stewart Levine - Communication Consultant and author
This program will examine the challenges and techniques we can chose as we work in this new world. Based on Stewart’s books, specifically "Collaboration 2.0: Technology and Best Practices for Collaboration in a Web 2.0 World."

Start, Build and Grow Your Own Big $$$ Speaking and Training Business - Video
Arnold Sanow - MBA, CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) is a speaker, seminar leader and author of 5 books,
Learn the secrets of what it takes to start, survive and thrive in your own speaking and seminar business. Every author should also be a speaker. Having a book gives you the edge when it comes to booking lucrative speaking engagements. Arnold Sanow, who has coached hundreds of speakers and authors will share with it takes to get on the fast track … NOW!

Best Practices in Book Marketing, Digital Community Building - Audio
Kristin Franz and Laura Cochran - Kristin: VP of Marketing and Sales with BK and Laura: content manager at Gannett Digital.
Kristen will talk about the best practices of promoting your book through grassroots marketing to your networks, promotion on, articles campaigns, social networking on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and much more. Laura walk you through a few digital tools that’ll help you find and build your virtual community. Then, she’ll give you a few tips about how to make your efforts sticky by interacting with your community, as well as, facilitating conversation amongst the community.

Book it! Use your book as the starting block for your book business - Video
Dawn Baron - Former Director of Marketing at ASTD and CEO of Passion Profts Consulting,
Learn how to position yourself as a content expert and your content in ways that will be meet the demands of today’s digital environment. We will discuss product development, reaching your target markets, and building a product ecosystem from your book content.

Publicists Panel: Gene Taft, Aric Caplan, Helen Bensimon, Carrie Barnes discuss  PR and publicity.  Audio

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Product: Eleven video- and audio-tapes (each 20-60 minutes in duration) in WMV format (please see Terms of Service for more information).

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