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Just as canaries once warned miners of unhealthy conditions underground, women in today's corporate marketplace are sounding a caution that our business survival depends on making far-reaching changes in the business environment.

This collection of provocative, timely, and encouraging essays proposes ways to transform the traditional workplace into a more wholesome and balanced environment that honors masculine and feminine traits as equally vital. The fifteen women-entrepreneurs, consultants, and corporate executives-who offer these provocative and practical essays serve as harbingers of essential business transformation. As varied as their backgrounds and perspectives may be, these women see a common need and share a common goal-to create more humane and nurturing workplaces.

Truth and a willingness to risk are benchmarks of the fifteen insightful essays, as is the search for personal and spiritual freedom. The authors speak of individual responsibility and a balance among all the areas of one's life. Work becomes an arena for self-discovery. The controlling "power over" becomes life-nurturing "power to," and steps for creating a full and productive partnership between men and women are defined. In proposing new and more effective ways to succeed in business, When the Canary Stops Singing explodes the myth that feminine and masculine perspectives can't interact in harmony.