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•    Offers a simple yet powerful process to help readers take advantage of existing coaching skills and build and hone new coaching skills

•    Includes a wealth of activities, exercises, pointers, and tips

•    Shows how taking a coaching approach can enrich all our relationships, on and off the job

Coaching is becoming increasingly popular in organizations today, and with good reason. It is more than providing individuals with enthusiastic support and encouragement. Used correctly, coaching is a powerful tool that will drive performance and support the achievement of career goals. Moreover, coaching delivers benefits to managers and supervisors who master the art of coaching. Relationships with direct reports are strengthened and clarified, and this often translates to increased company loyalty and motivation on the job.

In 10 Steps to Successful Coaching, readers, whatever their level of expertise, will find a simple yet powerful process to embrace and use their existing coaching skills or build and hone new ones. Sophie Oberstein provides readers with a coaching pathway that will lead to greater satisfaction on the job as a manager or employee and even in their personal lives as a friend, spouse, or parent. She offers a solid process that begins with preparation for the role of coach, moves to coming to agreement on goals and outcomes, and ends with ways to ensure that positive changes are internalized and made permanent. While those who supervise and manage others will find this book particularly helpful, the activities, exercises, pointers, and tips are designed so that all readers can become more “coach-like” in their interactions with others. In the end, 10 Steps to Successful Coaching is a book about building a critical business and management skill that a new generation of leaders has increasingly realized is valuable, effective, and key to a high-performing workforce.