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  • The first book to focus specifically on recovering from workplace betrayals

  • Offers a proven process for restoring trust whether you have been betrayed, have committed a betrayal, or are helping someone through one

  • By the authors of the award-winning Trust and Betrayal in the Workplace

  • 2011 Axiom Silver Medal Winner in the Business Ethics Category
  • 2012 Natilus Silver Medal Winner in the Relationships Category

All work is conducted through relationships, and the key to relationships is trust. Yet trust is constantly being broken in the workplace. Sometime’s it’s in spectacular ways—CEOs cooking the books, workers laid off through no fault of their own, coworkers actively sabotaging others’ work. But far more common, and more insidious, are the small betrayals we all have been guilty of, or subjected to, or both—things like gossiping, missing deadlines, taking credit for other people’s work. Any betrayal, large or small, can end up sapping our energy, commitment and creativity.

The problem is people have no idea how to even begin restoring trust. Which is why Dennis and Michelle Reina’s new book is so welcome. They offer a proven, straightforward seven step process that can be used by anyone who has been betrayed, who has committed a betrayal, or who wants to help someone work through a betrayal.

While there have been many books on recovering from betrayal in personal relationships, this is the first book to focus specifically on the workplace. It is firmly grounded in the Reinas twenty years of research on trust and their work with dozens of clients on trust-related issues. There are separate chapters on each of the Reina’s Seven Steps for Healing, complete with trust tips, reflection questions, and practical how-to advice.  And the Reinas share many stories of how trust had been broken and restored in all kinds of settings. 

This work requires compassion and courage in equal measure. It’s not easy, but this process frees you to once again give your organization your best thinking, highest intention and complete dedication. And as you move through the steps you will come to know yourself more deeply, which will help you succeed not only professionally, but personally as well.