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Silicon Valley CEO, Don Maruska, and Coach University co-founder, Jay Perry, turn talent development in organizations on its head by giving every individual access to practical yet powerful talent development concepts and tools, in place of the traditional model of limiting talent development just to elite "high potentials."

This work presents a program that creates value from front-line employees to CEOs, although it doesn’t require buy-in from the boss. When people participate up and down and across an organization, they strengthen a culture of talent development and a community to stimulate innovation and productive creativity. This bubble-up approach within the organization leverages the dynamics in today’s world of self-expression and connectivity.

At the core of this program is the Talent Catalyst Conversation, a powerful script that individuals can easily use with each other to re-engage hopes, unlock talents, and lead to greater job satisfaction. The program puts into practice the latest insights from neuroscience, psychology, and management to elicit better-brain performance. The result? It’s a win–win situation for employees and organizations alike.

The book’s primary purpose is to provide individual employees and the organizations where they work with an affordable, easy-to-learn talent development program accessible for the entire entity, rather than to only a small group of identified “high potentials.” This toolset moves from Personal Opportunity Profile to Talent Catalyst Conversation to Talent Boosters to Talent Asset Builders, which create lasting value for participants and organizations.