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Debbe Kennedy

Debbe Kennedy is a master problem-solver, author, virtual speaker and founder, president and CEO of the Leadership Solutions Companies, an award-winning enterprise since 1990, specializing in custom leadership and organizational communications solutions. She is a pioneer and innovator in people-focused leadership/employee communications in virtual space, including creative uses of Web 2.0 technologies and other social media. In 2004, Debbe launched Leadership Solutions Companies' Global Dialogue Center. This virtual gathering place for people throughout the world has an intentional focus on leadership, professional and personal development.

Debbe knows the leader’s journey. She has experienced it as a successful entrepreneur, a change-leading strategic partner for Fortune 100 executives and managers and in a rewarding leadership career with IBM Corporation for over twenty years. Her work and leadership influence have contributed to communications solutions for senior management across many corporate functions, including employee communications, marketing, professional services, diversity and inclusion, culture, employee engagement, women’s issues, management development, employee development, human resources, strategic planning and implementation.

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