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•    Teaches a fundamental life skill-crafting mutually satisfying agreements
•    Describes ten essential elements for designing agreements focused on achieving results rather than providing remedies for what might go wrong-a more effective alternative to the traditional legal/adversarial approach
•    Includes thirty model agreements for business, personal, and professional uses

Crafting agreements with others is a fundamental life skill. Unfortunately, we were never taught how to do it. The agreements most people make are incomplete and ineffective-they usually focus on protecting against what might go wrong instead of figuring out how to make things go right.

The Book of Agreement offers a new approach. Stewart Levine demonstrates the superiority of "agreements for results" versus "agreements for protection" and outlines ten principles for creating agreements that explicitly articulate desired outcomes and provide a roadmap to achieving them. He includes over thirty specific templates that can be used to create this new type of agreement for results in a variety of organizational and personal contexts.