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Foreword by His Holiness the Daiai Lama

Introduction: Putting Buddha to Work


Part One: Becoming a Mindful Worker

Chapter 1: Choosing Mindful Work -- Creating Right Livelihood

Chapter 2: Practical Enlightenment -- Chop Wood, Carry Water

Chapter 3: Quality of Work Life -- The Middle Way at Work

Chapter 4: Being Successful -- How Do You Define Success?

Chapter 5: Money and Happiness -- What's the Connection?

Chapter 6: Dealing with Change -- Riding the Waves of Impermanence


Part Two: Cultivating Mindful Work Relationships

Chapter 7: Working with Others -- Unity in Diversity

Chapter 8: Dealing with Difficult People -- Seeing All Beings as the Buddha

Chapter 9: Customers, Love 'Em or Lose 'Em -- Customer Service as Bodhisattva Activity


Part Three: Creating a Mindful Workplace

Chapter 10: Leadership and Bosses -- Lead, Follow, or Get Off the Path

Chapter 11: The Big Issues -- Beyond the Bottom Line

Chapter 12: Work Practices and Processes -- Practice is Awakening

Chapter 13: The Care and Feeding of Employees -- Your Team as Your Sangha

Chapter 14: Solving People Problems -- There are No Answers, Pursue Them Lovingly

Chapter 15: Organizational Change -- Everything Changes; Nothing Remains Without Change


Glossary of Buddhist Terms

Notes on Sources

About the Authors