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1: What Is The Innovation Paradox? 

Incremental and Breakthrough Innovation

Top-Down and Bottom-Up Innovation 

Managing for Strategic Discoveries 

The Startup Corporation 

The Truth about the Innovation Paradox 

2: The Benefits And Limits Of The Business Unit 

The Benefits of Business Units 

The Limits of Business Units 

Business Units, Functional Structure, and Breakthrough Innovation 

3:  The Success Of Startups 

Copy and Combine from Others 

Learn as Quickly and as Cheaply as Possible 

Manage Risk Effectively 

Govern Transparently 


Learning from the Activities of Startup Innovation 

Learning from the Creation of Science 

4:  The Startup Corporation; The New Kid On The Block 

Beyond the Success of Startups 

Adopting the Strengths of Startups 

Stage One: Inspire 

Stage Two: Attract 

Stage Three: Combine

Stage Four: Learn

Stage Five: Leverage 

Stage Six: Integrate 

5: Implementing The Startup Corporation

Solutions for Inspiring 

Solutions for Attracting 

Solutions for Combining 

Solutions for Learning 

Solutions for Leveraging 

Solutions for Integrating 

6. Overcoming The Innovation Paradox

Designing The Startup Corporation 

Managing Breakthrough Innovation Projects 

Inspiring the Startup Corporation 

Attracting Ideas into the Startup Corporation 

Combining the Pieces of the Startup Corporation 

Learning for Strategic Discoveries 

Leveraging Strategic Discoveries 

Integrating Strategic Discoveries 

7: Innovative Cultures 

Changing an Organization’s Culture 

Employee Abilities 

Supporting Innovation Activities 

Goals and Evaluation 

Role Models and Structures 

Resources, Culture, and Innovation 

8: Leading For Breakthrough Innovation 

The Innovation Strategist 

The Innovation Sponsor 

The Innovation Architect 

The Innovation Evangelist 

Personal Characteristics of Innovative Leaders

9: Hard Foundations; Strategy, Incentives, And Management Systems

Strategy for Breakthrough Innovation 

Incentives for Breakthrough Innovation

Management Systems for Breakthrough Innovation

10:  Wrapping Up



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