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Beginning Our Journey 

Part 1 Mentoring Is . . . 

1 Panning for Insight: The Art of Mentoring 

2 Mentoring in Action: The Act of Mentoring Up Close 

3 Assessing Your Mentoring Talents: A Self-Check Scale 

4 CASE STUDY Every Knock’s a Boost: An Interview with Mark Tercek, CEO of The Nature Conservancy 

Part 2 Surrendering––Leveling the Learning Field 

5 Kindling Kinship: The Power of Rapport 

6 The Elements of Trust Making: “This Could Be the Start of Something Big!” 

7 The Person in the Mirror: Mentor Humility Creates Protégé Confidence

8 Inside the Mind of the Protégé: When Fear and Learning Collide

9 CASE STUDY Fail Faster: An Interview with Liz Smith, CEO of Bloomin’ Brands

Part 3 Accepting––Creating a Safe Haven for Risk Taking

10 Invitations to Risk: Acceptance as a Nurturer of Courage

11 Socrates’ Great Secret: Awesome Queries

12 The Ear of an Ally: The Lost Art of Listening

13 “Give-and-Take” Starts with “Give”: Distinguished Dialogues

14 CASE STUDY Simply Listen: An Interview with Deanna Mulligan, CEO of the Guardian Life Insurance Company of America

Part 4 Gifting––The Main Event

15 Avoiding Thin Ice: The Gift of Advice

16 Reporting on Blind Spots: The Gifts of Feedback and Feedforward

17 Linking Profi ciency to Purpose: The Gift of Focus

18 The Bluebirds’ Secret: The Gift of Balance

19 Inviting Your Protégé to Enchantment: The Gift of Story

20 CASE STUDY Grace under Fire: An Interview with Joe Almeida, CEO of Covidien

Part 5 Extending—Nurturing a Self-Directed Learner

21 Beyond the Relationship: Ensuring the Transfer of Learning

22 “If You Want Something to Grow, Pour Champagne on It!”

23 Managing Sweet Sorrow: Life after Mentoring 

24 CASE STUDY Fly High, Dive Deep: An Interview with Fred Hassan, Managing Director of Warburg Pincus, LLC 

Part 6 Special Conditions 

25 Unholy Alliances: Mentoring in Precarious Relationships

26 Arduous Alliances: Mentoring in Precarious Situations

27 CASE STUDY Respect Everyone: An Interview with Frances Hesselbein, CEO of Frances Hesselbein Leadership Institute

Part 7 The Mentor’s Toolkit

Tool #1: Quick Tips for Mentors and Protégés

Tool #2: Mentoring Competence Measure

Tool #3: Mentoring FAQs

Tool #4: More Reading on Mentoring

Tool #5. Elements of a Learning Plan

Tool #6: The Eagle: An Inspirational Story





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