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STEP 1 Study Your Boss

When and how is he most approachable? 

What is his preferred management style? 

What behaviors does he reward? 

What is he trying to accomplish in this role? 

What is he worried about? 

What is his reputation in the company? 

Whom does he respect? 

Where does he have influence? 

What is his relationship like with his boss? 

What is his primary motivation? 

STEP 2 Consider How Your Boss Sees You 

What does she value about you? 

How vital are you to her mission? 

What does she think you need to improve? 

How does she represent you to others? 

What is her history with you? 

STEP 3 Take Responsibility for the Relationship

It Starts with Attitude

Modify Your Story

Communicate Your New Story

Change Your Behaviors

Write a Development Pla

Common Boss/Motive Scenarios



The 15 Insight Questions                                                              

The Reflective Exercises                                                                 




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