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  • By the bestselling author of Career Planning Workbook-used by almost one million people in over 1,500 organizations worldwide
  • Shows people how to take control of your career, even in the face of tumultuous changes in today's workplace
  • Presents 12 new rules for career success based on leading-edge insights into today's radically changed workplace

Moses paints a vivid picture of the current dislocations in the workplace-the extraordinary productivity pressures, the erosion of personal time-and their gut-wrenching effects on individuals and their families. She reveals how changes in the workplace have affected different generations differently-from 20-somethings trying to get a foothold in the workplace to 30-somethings concerned about getting ahead to aging boomers recently displaced from the workforce-and examines their values, their psychological profile, and their future opportunities. She also presents a striking vision of the future, showing what it will be like to live and work in tomorrow's world, where we will all be free agents.

In clear, practical terms, Career Intelligence shows how individuals can benefit from key future trends and details the skills they will need to succeed-from learning how to self-market to being able to communicate in powerful ways, from understanding business trends to preparing for areas of competence. Chock full of concrete examples and anecdotes that everyone can relate to, Career Intelligence also offers advice to parents concerned about "career proofing" their children; gives managers insights into how to promote career independence and self-reliance in their staff; and discusses solid ways organizations can improve morale and productivity. Comprehensive, practical, and eminently readable, Career Intelligence provides a visionary blueprint for ongoing career success.