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  • Cat lovers and non-cat lovers alike will delight in this humorous, colorfully illustrated guide to being more proactive and fulfilled in their business lives
  • The charming character "Jazzie the Cat" offers 13 basic tenets that help readers build a positive "cattitude" for creating or revamping their careers
  • An innovative "Cats-Can!" section delivers personal self-analysis and tools for putting the book's principles into practice

Cats don't worry about what others think; they follow their instincts, leap with confidence, and always land on their feet. In this wise and whimsical guide, Mary Hessler-Key's "Jazzie the Cat" shows humans how to follow her feline example and take charge of their careers and their lives. Through thirteen simple lessons drawn from her life as a cat, she takes readers through "purrfected" techniques for motivating a start-up venture, taking more initiative in their jobs, or defining the next step in a career transition.

An increasing number of people are working independently within organizations or starting their own businesses. They need practical advice they can digest quickly and put to use immediately. Jazzie offers up the basic tenets of an entrepreneurial approach to life and work in an accessible format that's both humorous and profound. From doing what comes naturally, to finding the right niche, to improving their strategy, to listening to "the meowing within," Jazzie's advice helps would-be entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs everywhere find their place in the sun.

More engaging and down-to-earth than other career guides, The Entrepreneurial Cat combines the enthralling illustrations of an award-winning artist with the enlightening insights of an experienced consultant for readers of all ages and career levels. The book concludes with a do-it-yourself "Cats-Can" section that gives readers the space to evaluate their talents and goals and poses thought-provoking questions that spur creativity, spark motivation, and inspire the formulation of successful career strategies.