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  • By the author of the 300,000 copy bestseller, I Know It When I See It
  • An accessible, fun, and easy-to-read book with a serious focus on how to create an environment within organizations where change efforts don't become the Next Big Thing, but can take root, grow, and succeed
  • Introduces a common language and framework for getting everyone in an organization on the same page about the single most important business issue: creating value for customers

Through this ingenious, entertaining murder mystery format, The Value Effect helps readers solve a real-world business mystery: why haven't our Next Big Thing efforts worked out as well as we had hoped they would? Renowned customer value and quality guru John Guaspari provides an insightful analysis of why a variety of organizational change initiatives often fall short-what he calls Next Big Things-and offers an effective, dynamic alternative: the Value Effect.

In presenting "The Evidence" of the case, Guaspari shows how the Value Effect can in fact provide the organizational alignment and tap into the energy needed to create and sustain organizational change. The Value Effect, he reveals, does not replace the other change methods, but instead creates the underlying context on which any change effort must be founded. Guaspari explains what value really is and provides basic steps for applying the Value Effect. He clearly states the grounding tenets to which a company must fervently adhere to sustain its transformational power, including making customer value the primary focus of the organization, ensuring that everyone knows what is of value to customers, and engaging everyone in delivering value to the customer.

In this book, Guaspari shows that the full power of the Value Effect is only unleashed when individuals realize that it is not a Next Big Thing after all. Rather, its power comes from its ability to provide a stable and enduring context to help people and their organizations better understand and deal with change.