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  • Tells the stories behind the stories of such famous debacles as EuroDisney, Barings Bank, Ford Pinto, the Waco siege, and the Challenger tragedy
  • Shows how to avoid the most common blunders and traps that lead to disaster
  • Offers lessons about what works, what doesn't, and why from a twenty-year study of 400 decisions
  • Speaks to managers by dealing with decisions that they must confront on a daily basis

Based on his analysis of 400 strategic decisions made by top managers in areas such as products and services, pricing and markets, personnel policy, technology acquisition, and strategic reorganization, Nutt estimates that two-thirds of all decisions are based on failure-prone or questionable tactics. He uses the fifteen monumental decision-making disasters to illustrate the potential consequences of these common tactical errors and traps and then details successful alternative decision-making approaches.

Why Decisions Fail translates decades of award-winning research into practical terms that managers can use to improve their own decision-making practices.