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  1. Foundations of Positive Organizational Scholarship
    Kim S. Cameron, Jane E. Dutton, and Robert E. Quinn
  2. Positive Organizational Studies: Lessons from Positive Psychology
    Christopher M. Peterson and Martin E. P. Seligman
Part 1: Virtuous Processes, Strengths, and Positive Organizing
  1. Virtues and Organizations
    Nansook Park and Christopher M. Peterson
  2. Organizational Virtuousness and Performance
    Kim S. Cameron
  3. Positive Organizing and Organizational Tragedy
    Karl E. Weick
  4. Acts of Gratitude in Organizations
    Robert A. Emmons
  5. Organizing for Resilience
    Kathleen M. Sutcliffe and Timothy J. Vogus
  6. Investing in Strengths
    Donald O. Clifton and James K. Harter
  7. Transcendent Behavior
    Thomas S. Bateman and Christine Porath
  8. Courageous Principled Action
    Monica C. Worline and Ryan W. Quinn
Part 2: Upward Spirals and Positive Change
  1. Positive Emotions and Upward Spirals in Organizations
    Barbara L. Fredrickson
  2. Positive and Negative Emotions in Organizations
    Richard P. Bagozzi
  3. New Knowledge Creation in Organizations
    Fiona Lee, Arran Caza, Amy Edmondson, and Stefan Thomke
  4. Positive Deviance and Extraordinary Organizing
    Gretchen M. Spreitzer and Scott Sonenshein
  5. Toward a Theory of Positive Organizational Change
    David L. Cooperrider and Leslie E. Sekerka
  6. Authentic Leadership Development
    Fred Luthans and Bruce Avolio
Part 3: Positive Meanings and Positive Connections
  1. The Power of High-Quality Connections
    Jane E. Dutton and Emily D. Heaphy
  2. A Relational Theory of Coordination
    Jody Hoffer Gittell
  3. Finding Positive Meaning in Work
    Amy Wrzesniewski
  4. Fostering Meaningfulness in Working and at Work
    Michael G. Pratt and Blake E. Ashforth
  5. Positive Organizational Network Analysis and Energizing Relationships
    Wayne Baker, Rob Cross, and Melissa Wooten
  6. Empowerment and Cascading Vitality
    Martha S. Feldman and Anne M. Khademian
  1. Developing a Discipline of Positive Organizational Scholarship
    Kim S. Cameron, Jane E. Dutton, Robert E. Quinn, and Amy Wrzesniewski