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  • Winner of the 2001 Breakthrough Business Book of the Year award from Independent Publisher
  • Written by the author of the bestselling books Flawless Consulting (more than 500,000 copies sold), The Empowered Manager (more than 250,000 copies sold), and Stewardship (more than 160,000 copies sold)
  • Shows how our obsession with tools and techniques actually prevents us from doing things we believe in
  • Identifies what is required of us to not only know what matters but to act on that knowledge

Invitation-To Act on What Matters
Part I-The Landscape of "How?"
  1. "How?" Is the Wrong Question
  2. The Culture Made Me Do It
  3. The Engineer vs. the Artist
  4. Speed Replaces Depth
  5. Technology Replaces Relationship
  6. Barter Replaces Desire

Part II-Saying Yes to What Matters
  1. Coming of Age
  2. Care for the Well Being of the Institution (whether it deserves it or not)
  3. Home School Yourself
  4. The Boss Doesn't Have What You Want
  5. The End of Ambition
  6. The Permanence of Human Problems
  7. Democracy in the Experience of Daily Life