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Preface by Elaine Biech


Introduction: Concepts of Leadership

by Cynthia D. McCauley


Part One: Leadership Competencies

Chapter 1: The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership - Jim Kouzes & Barry Posner

Chapter 2: Leading to Build the Team - Patrick M. Lencioni

Chapter 3: Strategic Planning: A Leadership Imperative - Leonard D. Goodstein

Chapter 4: Five Critical Communication Skillsfor Leaders of the Future - Dianna Booher

Chapter 5: Influence Tactics for Leaders - Gary Yukl

Chapter 6: Leading Change: A Conversation with John Kotter

Chapter 7: Managing Talent - Kevin Oakes & Holly Tompson

Chapter 8: Getting Results: Our Journey to Turn Leadership Competencies into Outcomes - Dave Ulrich & Norm Smallwood

Chapter 9: Engaging and Retaining Talen in Any Economy - Beverly Kaye & Sharon Jordan-Evans


Part Two: Leadership Development

Chapter 10: Leadership Development Strategy - Tacy Byham & William C. Byham

Chapter 11: Identifying Real-World Leadership Competencies - Mark David Jones

Chapter 12: Worst Practices in a 360-Degree Assessment: Why Feedback Fails - Craig Chappelow

Chapter 13: Leaders as Mentors and Teachers: Time-Tested Leadership Development Strategies

Chapter 14: Learning on the Job - Ellen VanVelsor

Chapter 15: Coaching Leaders to Lead - Marshall Goldsmith


Part Three: Attributes of Successful Leaders

Chapter 16: Good to Great: What Leaders Do - Jim Collins

Chapter 17: Unlocking the Mystery of Inspiring Leadership - Jack Zenger, Joe Folkman, & Scott Edinger

Chapter 18: The Authentic Leader - Bill George

Chapter 19: Leading in Turbulent Times - Priscilla Nelson & Ed Cohen

Chapter 20: Leadership Ethics & Integrity for the 21st Century - Ken Blanchard

Chapter 21: Trends Shaping Future Leadership Attributes

Chapter 22: Derailment: How Successful Leaders Avoid It - Bill Gentry


Part Four: Contemporary Leadership Challenges

Chapter 23: Leading the Workforce of the Future - Frances Hesselbein

Chapter 24: Globally Savvy Leaders - Stephen H. Rhinesmith

Chapter 25: Women in the Lead - Marian N. Ruderman

Chapter 26: Leading Across Generations - Joanne G. Sujansky

Chapter 27: Leading for Diversity - Kay Iwata, Juan T. Lopez & Julie O'Mara


Part Five: Broadening the Leadership Discussion

Chapter 28: Why Leadership Development Should Go To School - Lyndon Rego, Steadman Harrison III & David G. Altman

Chapter 29: Growing Tomorrow's Leaders for the Worlds of 2020 - Lawrena Colombo & John Verderese

Chapter 30: A Military View of Leadership in the Private Sector - VADM John Lockard

Chapter 31: Public Sector Leaders - Will Brown

Chapter 32: Chinese 'Sheng Yi': Reinterpreting Challenges for Leaders - Cheng Shu


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