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  • Winner of the 2004 Publishers Marketing Association Benjamin Franklin Award for Best Business Book
  • By the bestselling author of Managers As Mentors-over 100,000 copies sold
  • Reveals the seven "magnetic service" secrets that work for cult-like brands such as Starbucks, Harley-Davidson, and Ritz-Carlton
  • Provides tools, techniques, and tips for fostering customer devotion

Magnetic Service provides a provocative yet practical blueprint for going beyond mere customer loyalty to create and sustain customer devotion. Devoted customers not only forgive you when you err but actually help you correct what caused the mistake. They don't just recommend you; they assertively insist that their friends do business with you.

Authors Chip and Bilijack Bell made an intensive study of companies that inspire this kind of cult-like devotion-companies as diverse as Starbucks, Jack Daniels, Ritz-Carlton Hotels, GE, eBay, Chick-fil-A, Harley-Davidson, and many others. They found that these companies created customer experiences so captivating that they bound their customers to them-they provided "magnetic service." Chip and Bilijack identify the seven secrets of magnetic service, and use dozens of real-life examples to illustrate the secrets in action. And they show precisely what leaders can do to create a culture of magnetic service in any unit or organization.