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Second edition of a classic book that sold over 130,000 copies

Thoroughly revised and updated with new material on handling Internet complaints, dealing with complaints directed at you, complaining effectively yourself, as well as new examples covering a wide range of industries

More relevant than ever in todays constantly connected world, when customers can complain instantly and broadcast their dissatisfaction around the world

The first edition of A Complaint Is a Gift introduced the revolutionary notion that customer complaints are not annoyances to be dodged, denied, or buried but are instead valuable pieces of feedback in fact, theyre your best bargain in market research. Customer complaints can give businesses a wake-up call when theyre not achieving their fundamental purpose: meeting customer needs. Complaints provide a feedback mechanism that can help organizations rapidly and inexpensively strengthen products, service style, and market focus. Most importantly, complaints create a moment of truth when a customer who is deciding whether to return can be made even more loyal.

Using numerous real-life examples, A Complaint Is a Gift shows precisely how to handle complaints in a way that brings benefit to your organization and satisfaction to your customers even when you have to say no. The second edition features two brand-new chapters on receiving and responding to complaints of the Internet; a new section on how to deal with and take advantage of complaints that are directed at your personally; and, turning the tables, a section on how you can complain constructively and effectively. And throughout, the text has been heavily revised, with a wealth of new examples, tools, and strategies.


What makes this book stand out from similar titles

  • A Complaint is a Gift goes above and beyond books like Delivering Knock Your Socks Off Customer Service because it changes the whole way you view the customer.   Delivering Knock Your Socks Off Customer Service has a section called "The Customers From Hell" and basically supports the paradigm that unhappy customers are unwelcome and tough to deal with.  Our book shows how unhappy customers are actually giving you a gift: if you listen and respond to them, your business can hone it's competitive edge.  
  • Another well-known customer service book, Return on Customer, describes optimizing customer service in terms of economics metrics, but this eagle's eye view that reduces people to numbers is hard to link to the battles of everyday customer service.