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  • Exposes a fundamental shift in the balance of power between customers and service providers that has been fueled by the Internet

  • Provides a tested formula for restoring balance to customer relationships

  • Filled with real-world stories and practical examples illustrating successful and unsuccessful service models

  • Winner of 2012 Bronze Axiom Business Book Award & 2012 Silver Ippy Award in Sales

Customers today are picky, fickle, and vocal, and "all about me" vain. They now have an enormous variety of services and products to choose from, with unprecedented access to information and reviews. And--when they receive poor or impersonal service--they talk back, avenging perceived wrongs with a voice amplified to global proportions. Chip Bell and John Patterson, customer service industry veterans, analyze this revolution in customer relationships and provide a tested formula for restoring balance: transforming today's edgy customers into eager partners.

Today, a single snarky video or damning review gone viral can bring down an entire company. You can't ride this one out--that video or review will be up forever. To succeed in this new world, service providers must preemptively shift their practices to treat newly empowered customers not as cash machines but as collaborators. Bell and Patterson use real-world examples to provide powerful ways to bring harmony to a relationship that was out of whack even before the Internet.