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Part I: The Value of Resolution

  1. Resolution: Getting Beyond Conflict, Compromise, and Settlement
  2. The Many Costs of Conflict

Part II: A Better Way of Resolving Conflict

  1. Two Brothers-A Story of Resolution
  2. A Roadmap for Resolving Conflict: The Resolution Model

Part III: New Thinking that Fosters Resolution: Ten Principles

  1. Principle I: Believing in Abundance
  2. Principle II: Using Resources Efficiently
  3. Principle III: Being Creative
  4. Principle IV: Fostering Resolution
  5. Principle V: Becoming Vulnerable
  6. Principle VI: Forming Long Term Collaborations
  7. Principle VII: Relying on Feelings and Intuition
  8. Principle VIII: Disclosing Information and Feelings
  9. Principle IX: Learning Throughout the Resolution Process
  10. Principle X: Becoming ResponseAble

Part IV: The Resolution Model in Practice: A Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Step 1: The Attitude of Resolution
  2. Step 2: Telling Your Story
  3. Step 3: Listening for a Preliminary Vision of Resolution
  4. Step 4: Getting Current and Complete
  5. Step 5: Reaching Agreement in Principle
  6. Step 6: Crafting the New Agreement
  7. Step 7: Resolution
  8. How the Resolution Model Applies the Principles
  9. Benefits and Uses of the Resolution Model

Part V: When You Need Professional Help

  1. Using the Power of the Legal System
  2. Choosing a Professional: The Resolutionary

Part VI: The Power of Resolution

  1. Practicing Resolution in Your Everyday Life


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