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A fundamental transformation-what many are calling a "paradigm shift"-is underway today in our business and work world. This transformation goes beyond the traditional quest for productivity and profit to embrace such issues as achieving more congruence between our spiritual values and our work, creating a more caring and loving workplace, empowering people to unleash their full creativity and vision at work, and recognizing the global and social responsibilities of business.

This book brings together fifteen of the foremost visionary thinkers about these new business traditions. These visionaries include leading futurists, such as Willis Harman; authors of important new books, such as Peter Senge, author of The Fifth Discipline: The Art and Practice of the Learning Organization; leaders of influential organizations in promoting new paradigm thinking, such as Charles Kiefer, chairman of Innovation Associates; and creators of innovative business and academic programs, such as Michael Ray, developer of the path-breaking Stanford University course on "New Paradigm Business." New Traditions in Business is the first collection in one book of their seminal writings.

Part I describes the historical roots and current signs of the transformation o how the new paradigm differs from traditional business practice o the shifts in human consciousness that form the context for the transformation o the role of spiritual values, vision, and community in the new business culture.

Part II details specific strategies for business transformation: new leadership roles to build learning organizations o the qualities of truly healthy companies o fostering community in corporations o steps for putting global thinking into practice in business o developing and communicating visionary leadership o creating empowered workplaces oenabling people to tap their full creative powers o keys to practicing ethical behavior in business.