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Part I: The Contextual Shift: A Time for New Possibilities in Business
1. 21st-Century Business, Willis Harman
2. The Emerging New Paradigm in Business, Michael Ray
3. The Evolution of Human Consciousness, Herman Maynard, Jr.
4. Creating Esprit de Corps, Jim Channon
5. How Do We Put Our Spiritual Values to Work? William Miller

Part II: The New Business Community: Leaders in Social Transformation
6. The Leader's New Work: Building Learning Organizations, Peter Senge
7. The 21st-Century Corporation: The Tribe of the Relationship Age, Terry Mollner
8. Anatomy of a Healthy Company, Robert Rosen
9. Corporation as Community, Juanita Brown
10. Effective Membership in the Global Business Community, Cynthia Barnum
11. A Framework for Visionary Leadership, David Gaster
12. Leadership in Metanoic Organizations, Charles Kiefer
13. A Self-Organizing Leadership View of Paradigms, Carol Sanford
14. Corporate Leadership in the 21st Century, John Thompson
15. Ethics in American Business, Ken Blanchard