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“Barlow and Moller reveal why a complaining customer can be a company’s most valuable asset. And they show you exactly how to get your customer back, win a lot more business, and garner positive testimonials. If success in business is important to you, you want to read this book!”

—Ron Kaufman, founder of UP Your Service! College
“For businesses spending an ever-increasing amount of money researching customers’ expectations, this book is a breath of fresh air.  This book could have been aptly titled `Converting Common Sense into Business Cents.’”

—Paul Clark, General Manager, Customer Services, Country Energy, Australia

A Complaint Is a Gift provides a great means for explaining how a company can provide service excellence and handle complaints through improved customer relationships, which ultimately will increase revenue and satisfaction.”   

—Thom Ray, General Manager, British Telecom

“Everything seems so complex these days. But Barlow and Moller have taken a tough issue and made it accessible, not only in the world of business, but also in our personal lives. I will never experience a complaint as destructive again.”

—Russ Volckmann, PhD, Publisher and Editor, Integral Leadership Review

“In the convenience store business, after speed of delivery, service is everything.  A Complaint Is a Gift drills down to the conditions necessary to make service recovery happen on a consistent basis.”

—Lee Barnes, President, Family Fare Convenience Stores

“This book provides an inspirational attitude shift for service employees, a how-to formula for service recovery when faced with tough complaints, and a managerial makeover.”

—Rick Brandon, coauthor of Survival of the Savvy

“This book treats service recovery as an art. The true test of a great brand is to leverage the opportunity to forge a new customer relationship.  Through careful blend of analytics, business creativity, and examples, these pages will convince you that complaints truly are gifts!

—Mike English, Vice President, Customer Contact Centers, Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc.

“This book’s concept is a mind-set that we at Royal Plaza on Scotts, Singapore have adopted to complement our brand promise.  We have ingrained its importance among all our staff to be genuinely grateful for our guests’ feedback, whether favorable or not.“

—Patrick Garcia Fiat, General Manager, Royal Plaza on Scotts, Singapore

“This book is spot on. It gets back to the fundamentals that drive our industry. The authors take you through the process of addressing a negative guest experience and turning that same guest into a Guest for Life.

—Rich Hicks, President, Tin Star Restaurants

“We have one of the most spectacular sites in the world: the Sky Walk at Grand Canyon West. And we still get complaints! This book can help any organization achieve its customer experience goals. This concept works extremely well across many different cultures. This is very important today towards creating a truly international flavor regarding the customer experience.”

—Waylon Honga, CEO, Grand Canyon West

“This book is for any executive who understands that truly satisfied clients breed the best opportunities for more clients, A Complaint Is a Gift is a powerful tool to be shared company-wide.”

—Andy Jorishie, Senior VP, Ideas and Innovation, The Zimmerman Agency

“A Complaint Is a Gift is a marvelous book of practical tools and techniques for ensuring positive customer experiences and resolving even the most challenging customer complaints.  It is packed full of tips to provide legendary customer service in even the most trying situations. These tools just work, hands down!”

—Michael Krumpak, former Director of Learning and Development, United States House of Representatives